Thursday, November 10, 2011

1 Message from MarketLaunchers: St. Louis manufacturer looking for new products

Dear Inventor --


Market Launchers has just contracted with a plastics manufacturer here in St. Louis that is looking to acquire additional consumer products to sell in retail stores. We are looking for products that are "Little, portable affordable items that make your life better." Here are the details:


  • Products do not have to be retail-ready, because the company is a plastics manufacturer and can manufacture them. It should be pretty far along in the development stage, though.
  • The company will take care of the packaging so that each product has the same feel as the rest of their line.
  • The company prefers products that are patented or patent-pending, but they might sign an NDA in some cases.
  • PRICE POINTS: Product must be able to be manufactured for around $2.50 or less, and it should retail for $10 or less. If you're unsure, just ask me.
  • If you are already selling it in retail stores, your website or on TV, that is OK.

The company is a new client of mine, and they have their own product line and are looking to expand it. If you think your product(s) meets the above criteria, then please send an e-mail to me (Paul Niemann) at with either of the following info:


1.  Your web site address, and your contact info.


2.  A description, including pictures, and your contact info. If you have a picture of the packaging, please include that, too. 


Here's what you will get from me within 48 hours of your product submission, via e-mail:

Either an "I'm going to submit this to my client."


an "I'm sorry, but it's not what we're looking for."


Either way, you will hear back from me within 48 hours. Thanks!
Best Regards,
Paul Niemann
Office: 636-477-8000
Cell: 217-653-7058

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