Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fwd: Apply by September 16 for University Innovation Fellows Program


Apply by September 16, 2013 for Fall Training  



The University Innovation Fellows are part of a national movement to ensure that students gain the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge required for them to compete in the economy of the future. These student leaders from schools around the country work with their peers to catalyze even greater levels of innovation and venture activity on their campuses.


CURRENT FELLOWS. Our 37 students from 33 schools are mostly undergraduate engineering majors. As interdisciplinary collaboration is vital, we also have several graduate students as well as undergraduates majoring in biotechnology, biochemistry, business, entrepreneurship and child psychology.


BECOME A FELLOW. Apply online at to become a University Innovation Fellow. Interested students should apply by September 16, 2013 to attend the Fall Training. Each student application must have a matching faculty sponsorship; online form also located at


CRITERIA FOR SELECTION. The ideal candidate demonstrates a strong interest in innovation, creativity and the entrepreneurial mindset coupled with a genuine desire to inspire fellow students and make a positive impact on campus. We like to select students who are:

  • Actively enrolled: ideally rising juniors, but underclassmen/women and graduate students will also be considered.
  • Engineering, STEM majors AND any students who realize the importance of these technical majors paired with an entrepreneurial mindset, creativity, design thinking and innovation to excel personally and as a society. Students in no-STEM majors who value innovation should also apply!
  • Action oriented: students who possess a great attitude, strong listening skills and exceptional execution abilities.
  • Respected by friends and classmates: candidates who can inspire peers and recruit/manage/empower a team of volunteers.
  • Insightful and mature: students who can develop a rapport with faculty and institutional leadership, build support and form coalitions.
  • Strategic thinkers: students who understand that change in academia is not easy, but possesses the persistence, perseverance and willingness to set up systems that will continue even after they graduate.
  • Cool all 'round individual: candidates who the other 33 University Innovation Fellows would want to have in their network as peers, friends and potential collaborators.

TRAINING AND SUPPORT. We train students to conduct in-depth analyses of their campus ecosystems; provide them with tools, resources and year-round mentorship; and connect them with one another digitally and at conferences and events. Having a national network of like-minded students helps our ambassadors learn from one another and create multi-institution collaborations.


PROGRAM SPONSORS. The program is run by the National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation (Epicenter), funded by the National Science Foundation as a partnership between Stanford University and the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance (NCIIA). We call on students and their peers to dream, design and deliver innovations that solve real-world problems.  

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