Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Information is Power

Research is a big part of what we do at SIU Technology Transfer.  For example, before we file a patent or pursue a particular intellectual property strategic path, we need to know the competitive landscape as in-depth as possible.  We scour the internet, Google Scholar, the USPTO website, ask experts, and more to put together our background information.

I would suggest anyone interested in pursuing their own inventions or business would benefit by having a strong understanding of what it takes to search through the information that's available, find that which is most important and most credible, and put it towards a strategic path.  We posted one method we use here to help people get started.  Now, Morris Library is giving you another option.

Prepare for your future research through an 8 week, one credit course offered online and in-person at Morris Library.  After taking CI 199:  "Introduction to Library Research," available through the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, you will be able to find, evaluate, and use information efficiently.  Enroll today or, for more information, contact Christina Heady at

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