Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Notice of Allowance for SIU E-Nose Patent

A notice of allowance was received from the US Patent and Trademark office for Dr. Andrei Kolmakov's E-nose patent on December 31, 2012. This patent application has not been publicly released yet due to restrictions of Department of Homeland Security.  The abstract is below, and for more visit the SIU E-Nose technology page or read the Tech App article from the Spring 2011 Tech Transfer Newsletter: E-Nose for Food Spoilage.

An analyte multi-sensor as disclosed herein can include a substrate and at least three sensing elements disposed on the substrate.  Each sensing element includes two electrodes separated by a distance and a nanowire mat adjacent to and in contact with the electrodes.  The nanowire mats include nanowires which define a percolation network.  The density of the nanowires in the nanowire mat of one sensing element is different than the density of the nanowires in the nanowire mat of either of the other at least two sensing elements.

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